All We Had Official Trailer 1 (2016) — Katie Holmes Movie — шокирующие новости!

Starring: Eve Lindley, Richard Kind, Kate Holmes
All We Had Official Trailer 1 (2016) — Katie Holmes Movie

A mother struggles to make a better life for her daughter.

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  1. yves julain / 31.10.2016


  2. Cath Jack / 31.10.2016


  3. mighty blaze / 31.10.2016


  4. mustafa abdulsamet / 31.10.2016

    !uoy ekaf

  5. KkdaChris / 31.10.2016

    Yo I’m not first

  6. Lawiwi Naila / 31.10.2016

    @ Outlook

  7. Ribhav Gupta / 31.10.2016

    Gimme the most dislikes…

  8. Wunna Thiha / 31.10.2016

    1:51 is that you Anna Kendrick ?

  9. Epic Music Movie / 31.10.2016

    Great Trailer

  10. mr. r0bot / 31.10.2016

    The Mayor of Gotham ..

  11. Austin Green / 31.10.2016

    Using the same font as We Are Your Friends from last year. Good sign.

  12. Muhammad Afiq Danial / 31.10.2016

    Oh God…………Its the pursuit of Happiness all over again


  13. Katerina Koresoglou / 31.10.2016


  14. David K. / 31.10.2016

    Didn’t watch the trailer but just came to comment on how grotesque Katie
    Holmes looks in the thumbnail.

  15. Kjodo Uordl / 31.10.2016


  16. Sunny Vanza / 31.10.2016

    They got that boy from the wolfpack

  17. Mark Law / 31.10.2016

    ladies always try to make a name for yourselves before marriage. katie
    holmes is trying her hardest now but no one seems to gives a shit.

  18. byLO TREK / 31.10.2016

    how old is she? lokks like 60

  19. agb1953 / 31.10.2016

    How f*#ked up do you have to be if you can’t pour coffee? Another «loser
    with a heart of gold» movie. I’ll wait for it to show up on Netflix.

  20. ѕρlιт ρσlуgσи / 31.10.2016

    looks like katies face is slowly falling off her skull

  21. shawn batten / 31.10.2016

    thumbnail looks like its her begging tom cruise to take her back 😂

  22. rurutu M / 31.10.2016

    looks good

  23. Purist / 31.10.2016

    Wow I stopped the trailer after the girl delivered that cheesy line. So
    much Cringe.

  24. PaperlessEducationIndia Digital Education Reolution / 31.10.2016

    There goes Tom’s money on a shitty movie.

  25. KyleKatarn97 / 31.10.2016

    All We Had… to do was follow that damn train, CJ

  26. 25AsianGirl / 31.10.2016

    I guess she’s Katie HOMELESS now…hahaha….get it…holmes, holmeless
    …sorry for bad pun

  27. AapoS / 31.10.2016

    All we had to do was to follow the dam train.

  28. JoLee Hoo / 31.10.2016

    Gee, looks like Tom and his ragtag band of cultists have sucked all life
    right out of Katie.

  29. Getthefuckoffmylawn / 31.10.2016

    Jesus her face

  30. Girl Online / 31.10.2016

    Honestly thought this film was about someone suffering from a stroke after
    I saw the thumbnail!

  31. It'sAlexForShort / 31.10.2016

    this looks like a really happy movie

  32. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ / 31.10.2016

    Katie is aging so badly, damn. But then again, without botox and other shit
    so is probably everyone else in Hollywood.

  33. Matthew Dameron / 31.10.2016

    I’m sure the movie is alright but man, is this a God awful trailer.

  34. Mark D / 31.10.2016

    Finally good movies, thank you God!

  35. Max Pritchard / 31.10.2016

    Hey isn’t tom cruise in love with her?

  36. Luke Scirbner / 31.10.2016

    Katie Holmes should have signed on for Batman Dark Knight. The actress
    replaced her sucked. Plus she should have never left Tom Cruise.

  37. Aparicio Birriel Méndez / 31.10.2016

    lol wtf she looks like wagner moura

  38. Maurice Thompson / 31.10.2016

    Why she looking so old

  39. Yukikazehalo / 31.10.2016

    Katie Holmes is starting to look like Forest Gump’s mom.

  40. Sebastian Winters / 31.10.2016


  41. 21boomslang / 31.10.2016

    she looks like a scarecrow

  42. Kevin Israel / 31.10.2016

    Remember Dawson’s Creek? Ahhh…the good ole days.

  43. Brian Rego / 31.10.2016

    No wonder Tom Cruise is gay.

  44. Naod Amdetsyon / 31.10.2016

    That dialogue at around the 50 second mark is so bad

  45. MotherF**ker Production. / 31.10.2016

    Not gonna lie, I ain’t watching this.

  46. Edie / 31.10.2016

    Is this what dating Jaime Foxx does to a person?

  47. A.R. BEATZ / 31.10.2016

    Katie Holmes is not aging well.

  48. 99HeroSouls / 31.10.2016

    I’ll only watch this because Luke Wilson is in this movie, I really wish he
    was In more movies or shows

  49. Mister J / 31.10.2016

    I see i’m not the only one who clicked on the video just to say how ugly
    she looks on the tumbnail.

  50. WuShogun212 / 31.10.2016

    I’m not defending Katie Holmes or attempting to be a white knight, all I
    really want to point out is all the comments about how Katie Holmes looks.
    Especially in a movie where it is obvious she is playing a character that
    doesn’t have her life together, I just find it strange that people are so
    harsh on someone’s appearance. Isn’t it a good thing to see characters who
    are not perfect in every way to make the movie more believable and easier
    for the audience to connect? I just think it is weird on a platform like
    YouTube where most are anonymous and never show their face (including me)
    that criticizing someone on how old they look or how imperfect they look is
    so easy for some people. Again I’m not white knighting, I would say the
    same thing if people were criticizing a man on his appearance in a movie,
    but I’m just curious why people do that, especially when they didn’t even
    watch the trailer but just commented on how she looks.

  51. scottdpt12 / 31.10.2016

    Uhg…this looks TERRIBLE!! Barf.

  52. Noah 1775 / 31.10.2016

    Thumbnail pic looks like she’s got a gopher in her butt while talking to
    her crush.

  53. Dirtnastyswedishman / 31.10.2016

    Thumbnail of the year

  54. Nakster Gaming / 31.10.2016

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  55. KrustyTheClown / 31.10.2016

    stay safe kids ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  56. Janae Lovely / 31.10.2016

    She’s starting to get that Angelina Jolie look…

  57. Dustin Sane / 31.10.2016

    Holmes is my dream girl.

  58. Camille Pango / 31.10.2016

    the little girls speech… killllll meeeee 😑😑

  59. Pedro Marberger / 31.10.2016

    This trailer lost me we she said:

    «You cant tell me what to do!!!»

    I hope the movie isnt that cliche

  60. marvelous LIE / 31.10.2016

    Oh look, everyone. Another tragedy porn film brought to you by the wimmenz.

  61. Mares / 31.10.2016

    Terrible. Only shows how some pople should have never ever had kids. The
    movie seems uninteresting.

  62. Javier Picasso / 31.10.2016

    Well that was depressing

  63. Mrjanamos1 / 31.10.2016

    The mayor of Gotham owns a restaurant now ?

  64. Petal Hopkinson / 31.10.2016


  65. Daniela Gray / 31.10.2016

    I wonder why this was at Tribeca but not TIFF ?

  66. Deepesh Katiyar / 31.10.2016

    this is wht happens when you ditch tom cruise

  67. Stefon / 31.10.2016

    «BY» Katie Holmes? Where does she get off having not acted since 2007?

  68. Vini C / 31.10.2016

    Wayyyy too emotional. Another Lifetime movie embroidered with emotions,
    absolutely nothing new or or original. Great selection of cast, Katie
    Holmes looks fine but the plot and direction of the movie is definitely
    predictable and nothing new.

  69. This Is Google / 31.10.2016

    This woman has seen some shit

  70. Strange Girl / 31.10.2016

    Congrats on her directing debut:)

  71. Cordyceps / 31.10.2016

    eh looks below avs

  72. Summon256 / 31.10.2016

    Woah now! Wth happened to miss Holmes?! O_o She looks like Michael Jackson
    after like tenth plastic surgery! Dude she is quite scary now!…

  73. Otaku Player / 31.10.2016

    I’m not watching it just because the trailer almost made me cry.

  74. stryfetc1 / 31.10.2016

    Katie looks like she suffered a stroke.

  75. edpetres / 01.11.2016

    to do was follow the damn train

  76. Eduardo Diaz / 01.11.2016

    Katie got great reviews from this from the TriBeCa premiere and the movie
    has 80% on rotten tomatoes currently. I’m looking forward. But man this
    trailer is cut horridly. This movie deserved better.

  77. Leon Maes / 01.11.2016

    Pick scary delicate mobwmk quiet half trace.

  78. Eduardo Diaz / 01.11.2016

    And for those of you shocked by Katie’s look, that’s called pulling off a
    character. She also probably used prosthetics and make up in parts of it.
    She plays a struggling mother who is addicted to cigarettes and is sick
    throughout much of the movie. Katie committed herself to this role. Halle
    Berry did it for Monster’s Ball. Jake G did it for Nightcrawler. Then you
    see them in the red carpet and they’re still hot.

  79. Jayhan Mendoza / 01.11.2016

    Katie looks really old in the thumb nail

  80. explorador75 / 01.11.2016

    I love dc super heroes, but it was the worse actor that they could choose
    to play the flash!!!

  81. Top Dog / 01.11.2016

    Jesus… Katie Holmes got old fast…

  82. Yeah Okay / 01.11.2016

    Damn did they put makeup on her to make her look that old?

  83. Hedonophobia / 01.11.2016

    Fire whoever made the trailer.

  84. Joseph Wasilitz / 01.11.2016

    That looks like a piece of shit.

  85. Gangrel Aussie / 01.11.2016

    Guess Holmes’ mortgage payment is coming due.

  86. YASSIN g / 01.11.2016

    I feel sorry for her damn

  87. Stephanie Drake / 01.11.2016

    The movie is find and I’m sure it will do well . People who comment
    negative things should not be living on earth . What has this movie done to
    you to make you say nasty things? This is a movie which takes
    patience,talent, and skills . Nothing is perfect, but the dedication is
    real and sincere .

  88. Steve Holmgren / 01.11.2016

    It’s accurate how the trailer like- bar eventually replicates the critics.
    Isn’t that something….

  89. 199550553115 1995 / 01.11.2016

    Why every trailer have to be sucks these days?

  90. Umais Siraj / 01.11.2016

    well that’s how life becomes when you leave Tom Cruise……

  91. sbowesuk / 01.11.2016

    Katie Holmes looks like a shape shifting alien who’s trying to look human,
    but hasn’t quite got the knack of it yet.

  92. Just Josh / 01.11.2016

    She is from that horror Christmas movie Krampus

  93. OmegaSconer / 01.11.2016

    scientology propaganda

  94. TheChosenOne / 01.11.2016


  95. Melvin m / 01.11.2016

    Excuse me for my out of the ordinary question. Anybody know the name of the
    movie about a teenage boy who i think waking up after years in coma then he
    got this abilities(powers) because during his coma, he did something if i
    am not wrong is searching. he met this other lead who’s a girl. that’s all
    i know because in the trailers i forgot to check. anybody can help would be
    great. thank you

  96. Goliathena Wrytsz / 01.11.2016

    i’ll just wait for this to come out on Netflix and watch it on a early
    stormy rainy morning buried under blankets.

  97. huyen##movies / 01.11.2016

    thumbnail looks like its her begging tom cruise to take her back 😂

  98. huyen##movies / 01.11.2016

    I have PTSD from that mission so thank you for triggering me!

  99. Mota / 01.11.2016

    thumbnail looks like her face about to fall off

  100. amrita sarkar / 01.11.2016

    It is sad to see age snatching away beauty. Cant believe this is Katie

  101. Pandarah / 01.11.2016

    This movie might be very good, but the trailer sure isn’t showing that. The
    tone is all over the place, badly cut, and the background music doesn’t
    compliment the trailer at all. It’s just there.

    Luckily, a trailer doesn’t always represents the movie well, but this is
    not how you want to sell your movie.

  102. ZCorp Alpha / 01.11.2016

    Ladies and Gentleman. No offense, but Actress Katie Holmes looks like a
    drug addict or she is not aging well. I hope it’s just make-up for the
    particular film. Damn, she looks horrific.

  103. HUYEN### MOVIES / 01.11.2016

    More like Aunt May from Amazing Spider-man 2.

  104. 600firefly1 / 01.11.2016

    Katie sure as hell wont be winning awards with that performance, absolute

  105. HUYEN_MOVIES / 01.11.2016

    Katie Holmes is starting to look like Forest Gump’s mom.

  106. Abid Rahim / 01.11.2016

    I’m so glad Katie holmes chose to stay original.. No fake face.. no plastic
    surgeries.. You’ll always be my childhood crush =)

  107. Elias Ferraz / 01.11.2016

    In the thumbnail Katie Holmes looks like Michael Jackson in Thriller

  108. Finn Killing / 01.11.2016

    This is what happened to Katie Holmes after she heard that her husband was
    joining Scientology

  109. Gino / 01.11.2016

    all we had to know about mother-daughter relationships Pedro Almodovar has
    done it already.

  110. Shankar Reddy / 01.11.2016

    Katie needs a sandwich

  111. Yeah Bee / 01.11.2016

    Is this a true story about how she runs away from a secretly gay(not that
    there is anything wrong with that) superrich midget religious nutjob?

  112. mysterymidnight 478 / 01.11.2016

    Might be a good movie but wasn’t feeling the trailer

  113. Lotfi KAZ / 02.11.2016

    that thumbnail looks like kate is 90 years old

  114. Caffeinated Nation / 02.11.2016


  115. Anthony M / 02.11.2016

    Man, Tom really f’ed her up! I remember her before that freak. Then she
    took his advice and turned down the dark knight role!

  116. eddie dutra / 02.11.2016

    Is Katie Holmes wearing her body inside out?

  117. MAC C / 02.11.2016

    Wow! This looks so boring!

  118. yvonnezkea / 02.11.2016

    Hm. Thing is, and of course this is just based off the trailer, you can
    just tell what KIND of movie this is trying to be. But it feels like it’s
    trying way too hard to be THAT kind of movie. I mean, that speech by the
    daughter was just… cringe. And Katie Holmes’ voice doesn’t suit dramatic
    acting. She’s not a good actress, period. I do applaud her directorial
    efforts though.

  119. Sadelletics Nirvana / 02.11.2016

    When is this? Anyone??

  120. DeYanko / 02.11.2016

    Katie Holmes looks like she needs a shower…..all the time!

  121. Amit Bharde / 02.11.2016

    This is such a weird trailer.

  122. HAPPY CUPCAKE / 02.11.2016

    There’s a trans here

  123. GT gaming / 03.11.2016

    beat your kids ass and they won’t be cocky

  124. Josh Navarro / 03.11.2016

    I hate kids

  125. Nicholas Pilot / 03.11.2016

    katie Holmes makes my penis cry….i would still give her the d but…she
    will have to not look at me.

  126. Fuckboy Da Best / 03.11.2016

    all you had is tom cruise…

  127. Adrie Dones / 03.11.2016

    Got to see this. Touched me on the inside

  128. houchi69 / 03.11.2016

    God…Tom Cruise really screwed her up didnt he…

  129. Sara Liam / 03.11.2016

    Just another Honey Boo Boo upper class film.

  130. OGUN / 04.11.2016

    Lighting makes it look cheap…

  131. One J / 04.11.2016

    Jesus Loves you.
    Jesus died for our sins was buried but on the third day he rose from the
    dead. He did it to pay the debt for our sins and forgave us for our sins,
    to gave us salvation and eternal life in heaven. So accept Jesus as Lord
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  132. Wachtraum Animation / 04.11.2016

    I watched the whole trailer and I only threw up once.